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The Palmer Package is actually a variety of core techniques taught at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Some of the included techniques that Dr. Michelle is proficient at are:

The Thompson Technique:  This technique is both a system of chiropractic analysis and an adjustment technique.  The Thompson technique is a way to minimize the amount of force needed to adjust the spine using a special table with drop away sections.  The dropping of the table allows for a lighter adjustment without the twisting of the body as in other techniques.

The Diversified Technique:  This is a classic chiropractic technique.  An analysis of the spine is performed to detect misalignments.  Once the spinal misalignments are identified a specific manual thrust is administered.  This is based on experience, practice, and a complete knowledge of spinal biomechanics.

The Toggle Recoil Technique:  This is a technique that is applied to the upper neck (first 2 cervical vertebrae).  A quick thrust and release is given to the upper neck while the patient is lying on his or her side. The recoil allows the vertebra to oscillate into it's proper position. 

The Activator Technique:  An hand held adjusting instrument to give a consistent, mechanical low force adjustment by clicking it on the body.  Misalignments are determined by analyzing leg length abnormalities.  This is another lighter technique that many patients enjoy great success with.

Many of the above techniques can be used on extremities as well as the spine.

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